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One kind of individualized education is home tuition, where an instructor meets with a student one-on-one in their residence. It is a useful approach to enhance what is taught in the classroom, particularly for those who might want more support or attention. Home tuition has changed to offer both online and offline options as a result of the growth of online education. When a student receives instruction at home via offline tuition, the teacher visits the student in person. Many parents and students favor this approach because it makes learning more individualized.

By concentrating on the individual requirements of each student, the instructor can modify their teaching style and pace to suit their needs. For students who prefer in-person contacts and require assistance with socializing skills, offline home tuition is an excellent choice. Conversely, online home tuition uses video conferencing services such as Zoom or Skype to deliver lessons from a teacher to students. Because of its versatility and ease of use, this approach is becoming more and more popular. For students who live in remote places or have hectic schedules, online home tuition is a terrific alternative because it eliminates the need for travel. Since there are no extra fees, such as for travel, online home tuition is also more affordable than offline home tuition.
There are options for pupils to receive home tutoring.

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